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Fiera di Berlino ( innotrans 2012) 


Industrial vehicles

The plant for heavy road vehicles of any size and profile can supply high-standard performances as to both quality and quantity.

The plants are programmable to meet the user’s needs and perform an automated quality washing without any manual intervention.

This plant, unique of its type, is equipped with five brushes, special product delivery circuits and a high-pressure circuit for rotating jets.

This technology allows washing the means with powerful jets removing the dirt in the points the brushes cannot reach, in shorter times than with traditional methods.

The most important innovations introduced are:

· Possibility of combinations of programs and special cycles enabling to wash any profile with times from 6 min. on and in automated cycle

· Possibility of washing the lower part of the vehicle (chassis zone) with special high-pressure jets

· Possibility of delivering self-drying and finishing products

· Possibility of washing means with irregular shapes with the aid of chemical products at high pressure


· Special automated detergent delivery system

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