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Fiera di Berlino ( innotrans 2012) 



PIKASSO, innovative und unique equipment in its range, is a revolutionary washing system for all means in the branch of street cleaning service. Equipped with mobile translating cabin with electrical motorization hosting a console with palm keyboard for the check and control functions in compliance with the safety procedures.

The movement of the jets of water is made by means of a rotating head positioned on an articulated mobile arm with rotation (360°) and traverse (180°) systems and different angles with high pressure jets programmable to be performed manually-automatically from the cabin or remote control.

The washing head has the possibility of moving and project the powerful jets at heights of about 4 metres and the possibility of inclining (90°).

With PIKASSO there are no longer critical points needing manual washing; besides, this equipment allows performing all operations without any risks in compliance to all hygienic and safety norms.

La testa di lavaggio ha la possibilità di muoversi e proiettare i potenti getti ad altezza di circa 4 metri e la possibilità di inclinarsi (90°).

Con PIKASSO non esistono più punti critici da lavare manualmente e permette di fare tutte le operazioni senza rischi rispettando tutte le normative igieniche e di sicurezza.


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